Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards involve a lot more than simply paying our employees, they offer opportunities to fuel our workforce to feel appreciated and rewarded for their contributions, which in turn, contributes to company performance and success.


With employees spread across Canada and the U.S., our Total Rewards provide a diverse offering that appeals to all:

Competitive Compensation

  • Market competitive and internally equitable compensation
  • Variable pay program that recognizes your performance and rewards you for your contributions


  • The right mix of benefits to protect and support you and your family

Financial Well-being

  • Robust company matching retirement plan and savings plans to help you steer your financial well-being
  • Opportunity to be an owner in the company by participating in the Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP) with a company matching component

Health Well-being

  • Supporting mental health and wellness of employees and their families through different modalities like a dedicated mental health portal, telehealth, employee family assistance program (EFAP), and a flexible spending account
  • Various paid time off to help keep your physical and mental health and well-being balanced
  • Family Leave benefits that provide support to all parents, whether you are a birth or non-birth mother, father, or adoptive parent

Recognition and Development

  • Career milestone awards to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments
  • Dependent Scholarship Program
  • Opportunities to advance your knowledge, skills, and abilities for a successful long-term career
* Rewards vary by country and employees in a Collective Bargaining Agreement (where applicable); you will be provided with details relevant to your role during the hiring process.


Machine Readable Files

Machine Readable Files contain information required by federal regulations and apply to certain types of health plans or issuers. These files, often called “MRFs,” are updated monthly and formatted in accordance with federal standards. MRFs are intended to promote transparency, and are one of several different types of places to obtain information on costs.

Under the federal regulations, an in-network and separate out-of-network (also called “allowed amount”) MRF are required to be posted on a publicly available website for certain health plans or issuers. Currently, the federal government has deferred enforcement on pharmacy machine readable file pending further rulemaking.

MRFs for the plan can be located at the following. Of note, instructions may be included within these sites on how to view/download MRFs.

To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click here